Jesus told us to go to all nations and to share the good news about Him. We believe that the true gospel transforms lives, bringing hope, peace and joy. We are able to share that joy with others through partnerships with other mission-minded agencies, as well as through the Cooperative Program. For a number of years, First Baptist Paducah has worked very closely with missionaries in two Eastern European countries, in particular. A little bit of those stories are shared below.


First Baptist Paducah member, Tom Unici, is from Romania and has a heart for the Romanian people. Each year Tom leads several short-term mission trips in which the gospel is preached. His teams help to lead church services as well as evangelistic conferences for Christian leaders there. Tom and those who have served with him have encountered God’s grace and have seen His power at work in amazing ways.


First Baptist Paducah members, Suzanne Thomas and Judy Howe, help coordinate the work that is being done by First Baptist Church in the Ukraine. These ladies organize short-term mission trips in which First Baptist Paducah is able to serve the House of the Gospel Church in Rivne. These groups have helped to lead Vacation Bible School and also serve at an orphanage located there.

Something special is happening this year in the impoverished community of Ozero. When First Baptist Paducah member Dick Thomas passed away, funds were donated so that a church building could be constructed for the believers in this city. The work is in progress today.


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