Weekday Preschool


FBC Preschool began in 1969 and is a non-profit weekday school for children, 2 years to 5 years old.  Our community is beautifully diverse in the Paducah area, and all children are welcome and accepted here!  We believe that our responsibility is to provide a program that will foster development of the whole child—emotionally, intellectually, socially, physically and spiritually.

Our goals are to facilitate the development of a healthy self-concept in each child; to make each one feel good about himself and his culture; to promote the child’s intellectual development using toys and materials that are designed for the preschool child to teach basic concepts, specific skills, problem solving, independent thinking, and sensory awareness; to encourage a disposition to creativity and curiosity; to improve interaction between children and their peers and adults; to develop muscular control and coordination.

Teachers & Staff

Our exceptional, experienced teachers are the heart and soul of our schools and the principle reason behind our continued success. Their level of commitment to both our schools and our students is unwavering.

·    Our teachers have more than 200 years combined experience at FBC preschool alone as well as 350 number of years of total teaching experience.

·    Our average level of tenure at FBC is 15 years.

·    All of our teachers are degreed and certified.

·    Our staff completes yearly state-mandated requirements for continuing education as well as coursework in first aid, CPR, and health and safety.

·     Our teachers come from various backgrounds and experience giving our preschoolers an up close and first-hand look at different approaches to learning and experience.

·     Our teachers love children!

Meet the Weekday Preschool Staff
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Weekday Preschool Direct Number (270) 444.0273