Navigating the middle school and high school years has never been easy. It’s a period when many students begin to explore faith on a much deeper level than they have experienced it before.

At First Baptist Paducah we want students to understand how much God loves them and how He has a plan for each of their lives.

In this season of life and ministry at FBC, there are many committed leaders in our student ministry.  From college student mentors, to invested parents and adult teachers, we are all committed to discipleship. 

Through Bible studies and weekly gatherings, students are able to build relationships with their peers in a safe environment, and learn from leaders who care about their day-to-day concerns.  There are a number of ways for 7-12 grade students to get plugged in at First Baptist Paducah.  Click below for more information.

Small Group Bible Study
Awaken: Student Worship

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